About Us

The Homestead Restaurant

“It’s Been 25 Years!”

The Homestead Restaurant of Riverview, N.B., is one of the most popular eateries in Greater Moncton. A locally-owned family business. It first opened for business on January 1st, 1991. It then moved to its present location in mid February, 1993. “My late mother Jane, father Jim, and I purchased the Sandwich Hut Restaurant in the location next door, armed with the philosophy to create good, honest, old-fashioned, home cooked food the way my grandmother cooked. We just cooked what we liked to eat – meat and potatoes in healthy portions.
John Godfrey credits his mother and father with their unyielding hard work building the buisiness in the early days. “They helped us remain faithful to the philosophy of providing basic food cooked from scratch.” Homestead Restaurant bakes it’s own bread daily, hand kneeding the dough and hand forming the loaves. “Nothing comes from a package,” says John. “We mash our own potatoes, cut our own fries, and create our own sauces.” The result has been astounding as people flock to the homestead Restaurant daily, as drawn to its terrific fare as to the down-home country ambiance. “It’s like “coming home” as the name Homestead implies,” says john.

The Homestead Restaurant has not only attracted locals, but as their international World Wall Map shows, visitors from the four corners of the world have patronized their hospitality. Visitors from Greenland, Russia, Japan, South America, and the Caribbean are all represented on the map. The restaurant has also gained accolades from local food critics The Two Fat Guys as well as national acclaim from the Canadian Pickers, Scott Cozens and Sheldon Smithens on their way through the Maritimes. No doubt, they found a real treasure in discovering the Homestead Restaurant.

A Huge part of the charm of the Homestead Restaurant lies with its wonderful staff and the excellent service they impart to patrons. “We have 40 employees, some of whom have been with us since day one. We all enjoy coming to work every day. We are quite a team,” says John. Indeed, it is that casual, friendly atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back. “We treat our staff very well,” says John. “They are good folks who work hard and it shows in the rapport they have with customers.” John credits his wife Linda with much of the success of the Homestead Restaurant. “My wife Linda is a huge part of our team. She has worked tirelessly to make the restaurant the success that it is,” says John.

The Homestead Restaurant not only offers eat-in dining, but offers take-out service as well. Customers can choose from a range of hearty menu items including a full breakfast with all the fixin’s served all day, hot turkey platters, sumptuous club sandwiches, crisp salads, and more. Got a sweet tooth? The Dacadent desserts are a real treat. Choose from basic apple pie to thick chocolate cake with boiled frosting, chocolate chip cheesecake, or the one and only peanut butter pie.

“Over the years, it has been a challenge to stick to our policy of presenting wholesome, basic food, and keeping away from the ‘flavor of the month’ brand of marketing that other chain restaurants subscribe to,” says John. “In fact, we go 180 degrees in the opposite direction.” It is a formula that has worked as lineups at the door can attest to.

For more information on the Homestead Restaurant or to explore menu choices, call 386-1907 or drop by and treat yourself to a meal. At the Homestead Restaurant you will be treated like family!